fitODBOD: An R Package to Model Binomial Outcome Data using Binomial Mixture and Alternate Binomial Distributions.


April 22, 2019


The R package fitODBOD can be used to identify the best-fitting model for Over-dispersed Binomial Outcome Data (BOD). The Triangular Binomial (TriBin), Beta-Binomial (BetaBin), Kumaraswamy Binomial (KumBin), Gaussian Hypergeometric Generalized Beta-Binomial (GHGBB), Gamma Binomial (GammaBin), Grassia II Binomial (GrassiaIIBin) and McDonald Generalized Beta-Binomial (McGBB) distributions in the Family of Binomial Mixture Distributions (FBMD) are considered for model fitting in this package. Alternate Binomial Distributions such as Additive Binomial (AddBin), Beta-Correlated Binomial (BetaCorrBin), COM Poisson Binomial (COMPBin), Correlated Binomial (CorrBin), Lovinson Multiplicative Binomial (LMBin) and Multiplicative Binomial (MultiBin) distributions are used as well, replacing the traditional binomial distribution. Further, Probability Mass Function (PMF), Cumulative Probability Mass Function (CPMF), Negative Log Likelihood, Over-dispersion and parameter estimation (shape and distribution distinct parameters) can be explored for each fitted model with the fitODBOD package.

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