How To Find Your R package ?


December 22, 2018

How to find your R package is simply a blog post helping people to provide a list of websites where they can find R packages. These websites were useful for me while developing my own R package fitODBOD. So that I would be sure that fitODBOD is a unique package and what its functions should be able to do.

This is a list with 16 items

1. Google

When you have no idea to find a package first thing is to “Google”.



Official website to find standard packages. The packages downloaded here will have documentation manuals, vignettes and sometimes journal articles which would simplify work for people who use them.


3. Bio - Conductor

Another standard location to publish your R package, but only related to the field of Biology.


4. GitHub pages

If CRAN or Bio - Conductor is with high standards or too much work for your package you can still publish it and the ideal place for this is GitHub.


5. Rdocumentation

A place to find interactive documentation for the packages in CRAN, Bio - Conductor and GitHub. They simply include everything in the manual of a package but in html format.


6. Crantastic

All packages which are a part of CRAN is in this website. We can search packages based on Authors, package name, reviews and tags.


7. rpackages

Similar to crantastic this website also provides information to CRAN packages, but it is better because package related statistics is also shown here.


8. R - Opensci

Search range for R packages in this website has more categories which is informative. I would say better than above mentioned ones.


9. Rseek

This is like a google search engine for R packages.


11. R-forge

Projects related to R are mentioned in this website and how progress has been made on them is also here. Most of these projects will be published as packages later with significant importance.


12. AwesomeR

This is a website which has R packages based on topics related to statistics. Some of these topics are Machine Learning, Bayesian, Optimization, Bio statistics and much more.


13. CRAN Task View

Topic related R packages are bundled together in this website. Further, the topics give a brief explanation, but the webpages give an extensive amount of information about what is unique is these packages. Also you do not need internet to use this because it is part of Rstudio help.


14. Rstudio - Rpackages

Several crucial packages which would be very useful are considered here. All of these packages are projects. Further they are very popular in the R community.


15. stack overflow - r

If you cannot achieve something very specific related to R coding it is possible to use the website. It provides answers from other R users, sometimes even blogs related to the issues with solutions.


16. CRANalerts

This is an email service which would alert us regarding specific packages accordance to our request. Whenever there is an update for a chosen package we would receive an email alert.


This is my list of places for reaching out to help with related to R packages and R programming. I use them constantly and they are very much helpful to me. Finally, I hope this post would be useful to anyone who wants to find or use R packages.